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Mobile SEO

Mobile Search Drives Valuable Outcomes

Smartphone Directory

We produce multi-platform small business directories that are searchable on mobile devices. We promote each directory through socially driven, B2B marketplace and city-wide awareness campaigns.

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We can add the words and phrases to your site that Internet users type into the search box of search engines, such as Google, to find what they are looking for. Using the right keywords can skyrocket your business.

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Business Listings

Our “Power Listings” is the best business listing solution on the market. A local search is often the last digital stop before taking action in the real world. It connects locations with something a consumer needs.

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Our Power Listings Network reaches 250M+ Users

Our Scan Tool generates an instant “Diagnostic Listing Report” on how your business currently appears on our publisher network sites – Click this button to access Business Listing Scan Tool…

According to Google, 92% of smartphone owners seek local (offline) information while shopping with their mobile phones, and 73% of those people took some form of action after searching the internet.

Has your website been specifically designed with mobile in mind? Is it ready for the estimated 3 out every 5 smartphone internet searches in 2014?

The most powerful data shows how people are using smartphones to help search and research competitor’s prices while inside a store before buying a product … and that nearly 100% of smartphone owners search the internet at least once a week.

As smartphones become less expensive and more advanced, more and more people will be upgrading their devices. Therefore, the number of searches performed on mobile phones will also keep skyrocketing.

When a customer searches the web on their smartphone, chances are they have a very different mindset than someone behind a computer screen. Mobile SEO needs to target a set of keywords with this in mind.

At Mobile Marketing Helper, we will help your business optimize for all those mobile customers. Mobile search is a growing opportunity for businesses and we will help you reach these potential in customers in a clear, easy to understand way.