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Separate Yourself from the Competition

A unique way to engage with your prospects and customers…

True 24/7 Exposure! Create persistent exposure where your marketing message is always just one-tap away. It’s like having your business brochure in your customer’s pocket… Here at Mobile Marketing Helper we produce high-quality, unique virtual mobile business cards and customized mobile websites so you can turbocharge your branding and marketing efforts.

Our happy clients have discovered how a Mobile Business Card can…


  • Be a personal branding tool.
  • Boost response rates on lead generation activity.
  • Capture prospect/customer’s mobile number into a database for future marketing.
  • Can easily be passed on by customers to others by simply forwarding the text.
  • Add a touch of high-tech to their image and stand out in a specific niche.
  • Save on the cost of regular business cards (that usually get tossed in a desk … or worse, the trash).



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What can I put on my Mobile Business Card?

Your Mobile SMS Text Business Card with “Tapable” contact info can include:

  • Name & Tag Line
  • Phone Numbers (Tap-2-Call)
  • Email Address
  • Physical Address (Tap-2-Map)
  • Web Links, etc.


How do I order my Mobile Business Card?

Simply contact us so we can review your information and secure your Keyword.

What information do you need from me?

Because your Mobile Business Card will be synced with your Mobile Website and our Directories, you will need to provide us with any images, logos, links, etc. that you want as part of your branding…